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To My Last Baby on Your First Day of Kindergarten

As I put you to sleep tonight, I held you tight thinking about the changes that lie ahead. You will be heading to kindergarten tomorrow. I cannot wait to see you grow, change, and learn so many new things.

As I put you to bed, I realized that I have to learn new things too.

I have to learn that this is my last first day of kindergarten. The last time I will walk a nervous five-year-old through the halls of a school that will soon become a comfortable place. This is the last time that I will have to worry about if you can figure out the lunch line, or the school bus, or if you will miss me at all. Instead, this will be my first day where the halls are quiet without your laugh and your sweet voice.

 You are so eager to head out into the world as you have watched your siblings do year after year.

You are not uncertain. You are ready, but am I? You will always be my last. You were the last time I got to meet my baby for the first time, the last time I potty-trained a...

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