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We Must Stop Taking Away Recess


I hear it SO often.

 “He didn’t finish his work, so he had to stay in at recess”

“She couldn’t keep her hands to herself, so she lost recess”

“He kept talking during the lesson, so he sat inside during recess”

I must ask WHY are we still taking away recess when we have countless studies that show how important it is? Why is it used as a punishment at all? Recess is not a privilege; it is the foundation of learning.

Recess is not “free time” it is vital to the development of the brain and social skills.


We have so many studies that have shown how recess is connected to increased academic scores, improved social skills, and improved self-regulation. Parents and educators everywhere understand how vital these three skills are for school success. So WHY are we still making this same mistake in classrooms across the country?

 Movement of the body is the foundation for neurological development.

This development...

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What to do When the Bad Behavior Isn't Your Fault


  “So how’s it going?” That was the single question that led to the sobbing. I was sitting in a pediatrician’s office for my son’s five-year physical when I couldn’t hold it in any longer. The tears began streaming down my face and our pediatrician froze as I struggled to speak. How did I get here? Why was I so emotional to a simple question? As I accepted the scratchy, cheap tissues from the physician’s hand I began to tell my story.

     I remember very clearly the excitement of being pregnant. I will never forget those first days in the hospital and at home staring at my newborn son. I was so thrilled with anticipation for the future and with the hope of what was to come. I had read the parenting books, I was a Registered Nurse-I was confident that I was prepared.

     Then, as my baby boy grew into a toddler. I began to notice some things like he would cry when we would laugh at...

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