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What I Wish the Parents of My Students Knew

academics reading teacher Aug 09, 2019

Teachers get blamed for a lot of things. It sure feels like everyone is saying, if your child isn’t learning fast enough, has behavior issues, doesn’t like school, isn’t motivated to learn, or just isn’t succeeding…blame a teacher. I know that isn’t how most of the families feel, but sometimes I wish the parents of my students knew a few things to help us all have a better school year.


I want you to communicate with me.

Yes, there are some teachers who do not have as much experience as others, but I am not one of them. I have been teaching children for many years and I feel like I understand them pretty well. However, I understand that I may not be up to speed on exactly what your child struggles with-so the more communication you share with me the more we can work together. I may not be able to incorporate every suggestion, but having more communication is always effective.


I make mistakes.

Teaching is a lot like parenting multiple...

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