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Self-Regulation Made Simple is your guide to improving

and understanding behavior


"This was JUST what I needed!"  

               -Stephanie (SMS Student)

You are the expert on your child.


As much as others try to make you believe that they know what will work best for your child-the truth is that the certain things can change everyone’s brain. It is part science, part art, and requires someone who knows the child inside and out-you!


How do you figure out exactly what your child needs?

That part is all learnable.

(and I’m going to teach you)

"The course left me with a clear understanding of how to help support behavior challenges" 

We were struggling with attention, focus, aggression, and so many other behaviors. I had no idea they were all connected to brain processing, I thought it was just my parenting.  

-Heather (mom of 3)

Tackle self-regulation with me and join Self-Regulation Made Simple

{Part Education} {Part Community}

This is not just another book about behavior that you don’t read. It is not another parenting course that you don’t complete. Instead this is a program designed to help you gain knowledge and put it into practice.

SMS is THE place to learn about the brain, sensory processing, behavior (at home and at school), along with strategies you can implement at home. 

Don’t spend more time traveling to another appointment-learn on your phone at your own pace!

You already are a great parent.

You just need some tools and support to tackle self-regulation.

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The truth is that you probably feel like you are doing ALL the things 

yet are still stuck on the hamster wheel of challenging behavior.


Even if you feel like your life is overloaded with therapy, doctor appointments, teacher conferences, after school activities, homework struggles, preschool decisions-you CAN make time for this. I can teach you how 20 minutes of focused work a day can change your child’s brain. Even if you feel like you have tried everything.

You already know how much supporting sensory needs can change behavior,

but here’s something you might not know.  There are evidenced-based methods that have been shown to physically change the brain AND behavior

that don’t require medication, expensive treatments, or one more healthcare provider. These methods can SUPPORT all of the work you are doing in therapy and with your physician.

You are ready to take control of your child’s behavior. Be brave and join the other parents who are learning new techniques every single day.



This course will not change your kid into a superhero. It will not make you a better parent-because you already are a great one!

What it WILL do is take you through the process of learning how to improve self-regulation in your child and yourself! We break down the complicated brain science into easy-to-implement methods that you can use every single day.

Here’s what

Self-Regulation Made Simple



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Why Behavior Happens

This is the ONE thing that once you understand-the rest is gravy. It is such a powerful feeling to have the confidence and understanding of why behavior happens.

It makes your life so much easier because you are not spending time feeling frustrated and overwhelmed trying to “guess” what is going on with your child.

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Resources for Home and School

Is there another behavior course that walks you through how to communicate with your educators about your child’s needs? Because this one does.

Want to watch me break down YOUR CHILD’S specific behavior issues and build you a plan to manage them? Bring tissues and open minds and join me for the question and answer sessions.

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Step-by-step Instructions

I’ll walk you through each area of the brain, and all of the things that can impact behavior.

Together we will figure out exactly what plan you need for home, school, and more. When you’re not learning from all of the course content, you’ll be sitting down to learn from me in a collaborative discussion. 

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Clear Confidence

As you progress through the course, you will become a confident, calm parent.

 You will be able to understand your child and their needs, as well as have a plan of action to implement.

Not a parent? No worries. What you’ll learn about behavior can help you help other children whether you are a grandparent, caregiver, or work with children in any capacity. 

If you are an educator this course is perfect for you too! 

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Connections & Accountability

You’ll interact with parents from all areas who, just like you, are looking for solutions to behavior challenges. This means that instead of feeling alone, you will find your tribe.

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Clear the Confusion

Are you tired of trying to figure out exactly what is behind the behavior issues?

One participant said “this was exactly what I needed. I’ve spent all morning wondering how the heck to get my child to stop whining and crying when she doesn’t get her way. This is so so helpful”.

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Implement A Plan

Have you tried to read all the books, attend all the therapy appointments, but then STILL don’t know what to do to help at home or at school? This is the course for you.


Another member said “none of my therapists have ever taught me what to do to support their brains, only how to manage intense behaviors. This has helped so much with establishing a routine that benefits all of us”

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Connect with your Child

(and anyone else)

Do you feel like you are constantly trying to get ahead of behavior, manage a meltdown, or defend your child from those that don’t understand? Do you feel like this is getting in the way of a strong, solid connection between the two of you-or maybe your relationship?


One member shared “I was feeling so lost before, but now I know exactly what to do to connect with my child. These strategies have also helped tremendously in my strained marriage”.

This is NOT another parenting course.


I get it. By the time my child was five, I was certified in two different parenting methods, yet none of those techniques were helping him. The parenting strategies were great at keeping me calm and focused, but I wanted more for my child.

I was tired of seeing him struggle each and every day. I didn’t want to “fix” him, but I wanted to support him so that each day was not so hard for him. Life couldn’t be fun for him if he was overstimulated by everything, or melting down about the smallest change, or pushing other kids on the playground. I wanted to know exactly what to do to support him.

I worked as a nurse in neuro-psych research. I asked the experts for guidance. I looked and looked for a program that would combine all 23 books on behavior, 16 books on the brain, and seven books about nutrition that were sitting in my library. I couldn’t find ONE. So, I created it.

 This is an investment in you. In your family. In the future of your child and yourself.  It doesn’t matter if your child takes medication already, or if you are looking to avoid it. These are evidenced-based holistic methods that have been proven to change the brain. This isn’t a program I made up. It is me teaching you step-by-step how to implement already proven techniques.


Here's what you'll learn:

  • How sensory processing affects behavior

  • What other factors can influence development

  • What you can do at home to improve self-regulation

  • Simple strategies to help in the classroom

  • Brain-based strategies you can start using TODAY to reduce meltdowns, calm behavior, and connect with your child

Why Learn From Me?

 I am not just another mom on the internet trying to sell you a miracle method. I am a holistic nurse, and I am a mother of three. My passion is educating parents on how to use the research-backed methods we already know work.

In my household we have had diagnoses of ADHD, gifted, dyslexia, PANDAS, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety. I am incredibly familiar both professionally and personally with how neurodevelopmental challenges affect children, families, and classrooms.

 I spend my days coaching families and educators on how to effectively identify, understand, and implement strategies for children that struggle with sensory processing, behavior disorders, and mental health challenges. I am not someone that just decided to read a few books and share some knowledge based on personal experience. I have worked as a nurse for over 15 years, and in neuropsych research for over 12 years. This is my expertise and my passion.

 I’m Kelly Smith, mother, wife, nurse, educator, wrangler of three wild boys, lover of the beach, photography, healing, and lifelong book nerd. 

 I have coached parents and educators on behavior, mental health, sensory processing, discipline, connection, and the multiple holistic methods to better brains, bodies, and behavior.  This course (and my Play On Purpose™ membership) are where I am able to connect with, coach, and support more families than ever before.

 This isn’t just another parenting course. This is everything you need to build a strong foundation to improve your child’s (and your own) brain, body, and behavior.


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The Self-Regulation Made Simple Nitty-Gritty 

  • Access to easy-to-consume education related to behavior, social skills, and academics

  • downloadable resources you can use in your daily life at home and in the classroom

  • the ability to join my private coaching membership with additional support after completing the course

  • built for parents of kids struggling with behavior by parents of kids who struggle with behavior

Let's Talk Dollars



paid in full

  • how to teach self-regulation 

  • downloadable resources (including a cheat sheet you can start using immediately) 

  • the option to join Play-On-Purpose

  • built for parents of kids struggling with behavior 



But isn’t this just stuff I can find for free or even cheap in books or on the internet?


Well, you got me. I am not selling some top-secret “cure” that the medical community doesn’t want you to know about. I am not telling you something that the doctors and therapists do not know. I am providing education on well researched topics. If someone is trying to sell you a “secret” that is a huge RED FLAG for a scam!

  I mean I guess you can find this information in multiple books about behavior, in free publications of peer reviewed journals, and maybe even stolen screenshots from other courses on the topic.

Did you know only about 10% of people get past the first chapter in a book?  

Anyway, the question is, how will that work for you? How will that information be different than what you have come across before this?  

 Will you know how to apply the science to your child? If so then you don’t need my help. However, if you are looking for someone to show you HOW science can support your child and exactly WHAT to do for your unique behavior challenges, then I am the girl for you.

 And honestly, if you were the kind of person looking for a quick fix or something free and easy you wouldn’t still be reading this page. You are not that person. You are a parent who is researching any and all options to get your kid the best support possible. You need a starting point-and I’ve got that COVERED!

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