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Focus, Attention, Anxiety, Meltdowns, Emotional Regulation,

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You Are Not Alone

21.9% of children in the United States has a mental, emotional, developmental, or behavioral problem.

Data Source: National Survey of Children’s Health

Hey! I'm Kelly

I’m a nurse, photographer, avid reader, and mother of three boys who spends my time refereeing and fulfilling snack requests all day long.

 I am also an educator for parents who struggle with behavior and want to support their children using research-backed strategies at home.

 I have practiced nursing in pediatrics, acute care, and ambulatory care. However, the bulk of my career has been spent working in research related to psychological and neuro-psychological conditions.

 I never could have predicted how much I would use my career experience in my daily life. In our household we are keenly aware of neurodiversity as we deal with the behavior challenges related to ADHD, Anxiety, PANDAS, Sensory Processing Disorder, & Gifted.

I have successfully helped many parents identify areas of struggle and improve behavior, social skills, and academics. I realized it would be easier to help more parents, educators, and caregivers if I developed a system that they could easily implement at home. This is the story of how and why I founded Movement Matters.

 I am obsessed with research, books, chocolate, and the ocean.

 Oh, if you hang out with me long enough I’ll have you easily able to identify and transform behaviors in your own family.

You want to help your child regulate.

I want to help.

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