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Regulation Rescue

A step-by-step process to build regulation skills so you can reduce behavior meltdowns and improve emotional regulation in yourself and your children.

How do I solve emotional regulation problems in my child?

The truth is that you probably feel like you are doing ALL the things

yet are still stuck on the hamster wheel of challenging behavior.


Even if you feel like your life is overloaded with therapy, doctor appointments, teacher conferences, after school activities, homework struggles, preschool decisions-you CAN make time for this. I can teach you how 20 minutes of focused work a day can change your child’s brain. Even if you feel like you have tried everything.

You already know how much supporting sensory needs can change behavior,

but here’s something you might not know.  


There are evidenced-based methods that have been shown to physically change the brain AND behavior that don’t require medication, expensive treatments, or one more healthcare provider. These methods can SUPPORT all of the work you are doing in therapy and with your physician. You are ready to take control of your child’s behavior. Be brave and join the other parents who are learning new techniques every single day.

Overwhelmed with behavior and unsure why your child is struggling so much?


Lost when trying to build emotional regulation skills ?

Like you may be the only parent who is doing something “wrong” because your child has difficulty managing emotions and behavior?

Unsure about where to start to help your child in the classroom or at home?


You Can Build A Stronger Nervous System

Learn the formula to building regulation skills and use it to:

  • Build a stronger nervous system so that sensory issues can be minimized.

  • Reduce the fight or flight response so that your child can use their "thinking brain"

  • Understand the connection between the gut and the brain so you can make the right supplement and dietary changes for behavior success.

  • Access a library of regulation activities & mini trainings so you can spend less time searching for resources and more time on building those regulation skills.

  • Get your questions answered about advocating for your child, tracking side effects, tracking behaviors, supporting your child at home and school, and more!

  • Easily implement regulation activities using our 30 day plan so you can focus on connecting with your child.

  • One price-lifetime access. No membership fees to worry about and you get all the updates. ALL my downloads, mini guides, and courses at your fingertips.

Inside Regulation Rescue we will cover

Kara J.

I’ve updated our meals and vitamins with those that support behavior. It has been a game changer to learn everything I needed in one place! No more reading a million books and trying to pull out the best information.

Liz M.

Kelly's workshop gave me the exact blueprint I needed to implement daily regulation work with my kids. We have a MUCH calmer household now!

Jenna K.

Knowing how to explain regulation issues to his teachers has always been a struggle. The worksheets included in this course helped me easily support his needs in the classroom.

Regulation Rescue




A full 30+ lessons specifically addressing what causes problems with emotional regulation and sensory processing, so you can stop trying to find the “secret sauce” and start seeing an improvement in regulation skills. 

I will unlock a step-by-step 
process to build regulation skills in less than 20 minutes per day so you can spend time focusing on other things and not putting out behavior fires.

I will map out a 30 day plan to build regulation skills and give you simple, actionable steps to follow so you can reduce your feelings of overwhelm and focus on taking action. 

Learn how to quickly avoid one of the #1 issues that plagues parents-Meltdowns. Learn how to implement meltdown first aid so that you can reduce power struggles and build a stronger relationship with your child for more peace and decreased anxiety. 

What's it Worth?

  • Self-Regulation Made Simple Course .....................$399

  • Meltdown First Aid Course.......................................$149

  • Nutrients & Behavior Mini Course............................$149

  • Library of Activities & Movements............................$297

Total Value  $994

Your Price...$497


Save 50% Today!

Presented by
Kelly Smith,
Founder of Movement Matters

I am not just another mom on the internet trying to sell you a miracle method. I am a holistic nurse, and I am a mother of three. My passion is educating parents on how to use the research-backed methods we already know work.

In my household we have had diagnoses of ADHD, gifted, dyslexia, PANDAS, sensory processing disorder, and anxiety. I am incredibly familiar both professionally and personally with how neurodevelopmental challenges affect children, families, and classrooms.


I spend my days coaching families and educators on how to effectively identify, understand, and implement strategies for children that struggle with sensory processing, behavior disorders, and mental health challenges. I am not someone that just decided to read a few books and share some knowledge based on personal experience. I have worked as a nurse for over 18 years, and in neuropsych research for over 12 years. This is my expertise and my passion.


This isn’t just another parenting course. This is everything you need to build a strong foundation to improve your child’s (and your own) brain, body, and behavior.


Do I have to buy more courses?

NOPE! This is ALL inclusive. That means that you get access to my library of multiple courses, movement videos, regulation exercises, worksheets, handouts, and more all for one purchase price.

Will Any Instructions be provided?

Yep! I have an easy to use guide provided just for you. In addition, you can ask anonymous questions any time and I'll pop in to answer you myself!

If I am not a parent, but an educator can this help me?

No matter where you are along your journey of learning about regulation these resources can help you. 

How Long do I have access?

You have access for the life of the course. One price gets you an all access pass for all of the content. No more buying multiple courses and upsells to get the information you are looking for. Updates are included as well!

Isn't this stuff I can find other places?

Well, you got me. I am not selling some top-secret “cure” that the medical community doesn’t want you to know about. I am not telling you something that the doctors and therapists do not know. I am providing education on well researched topics. If someone is trying to sell you a “secret” that is a huge RED FLAG for a scam!


I mean I guess you can find this information in multiple books about behavior, in free publications of peer reviewed journals, and maybe even stolen screenshots from other courses on the topic.


Did you know only about 10% of people get past the first chapter in a book? 

Anyway, the question is, how will that work for you? How will that information be different than what you have come across before this?  

Will you know how to apply the science to your child? If so then you don’t need my help.


However, if you are looking for someone to show you HOW science can support your child and exactly WHAT to do for your unique behavior challenges, then I am the girl for you.

And honestly, if you were the kind of person looking for a quick fix or something free and easy you wouldn’t still be reading this page. You are not that person. You are a parent who is researching any and all options to get your kid the best support possible. You need a starting point-and I’ve got that COVERED!



You may have heard that nutrition can impact behavior. Maybe you are looking for more information on how and what nutrients children need. Well, this free course is for you! In addition to the multiple courses, handouts, worksheets, library of videos and regulation exercises, you will also receive a full one hour course all about nutrients and behavior. What to eat, what supplements impact behavior, and more!

This isn’t just another parenting course. This is everything you need to build a strong foundation to improve your child’s (and your own) brain, body, and behavior.

Get 50% Off Today

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