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How to Build Your Baby's Brain

infant sensory processing Aug 05, 2019
In your maternal journey, you’ve made it through pregnancy, birth, the first diaper change, first feeding, first night at home, and now you’re settling into a routine. You’re a new mother, recovering from the birth experience, your days with filled with bonding, feeding, and soon enough, playing. Then comes the question, “How do I play with my baby?”
First, some background on baby’s brain…
At birth, baby’s 100 billion neurons form 50 trillion synapses (neural connections). Genes predetermined the brain's basic wiring. Connections in the brain stem make the heart beat and lungs respire. But that's all. Roughly half of a human's 80,000 different genes are needed to form and run the central nervous system. But the brain’s needs eclipse all others, the number of synapses increasing twentyfold to more than 1,000 trillion.  (Begley, 1997).
Play is a critical element of brain development. The impact of the...
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