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Educator Toolkit for Regulation and Behavior

He can't focus.She can't pay attention.Why do I always have to repeat myself?


Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by behavior challenges in your classroom or at home? Do you struggle to understand why some children seem to be constantly dysregulated? Look no further – our Educator Toolkit & Regulation Curriculum Bundle is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate behavior and regulation with confidence.

Why Choose Our Bundle:

Ease of Use: Designed for busy educators and parents, our toolkit and curriculum are user-friendly and accessible, with practical strategies that can be implemented immediately.

📚 Comprehensive Coverage: Our bundle addresses a vast array of behavior challenges and regulation issues, ensuring that you're equipped to handle any situation.

🤝 Accessible Resources:  Build stronger connections with your students or children by understanding their needs and providing tailored support that fosters growth and development. Need to share simple information with a parent, family member, or educator? Use our clear and simple sheets to help support your child at home or at school.

Complete Access: Don't just get stuck with a digital guide you may forget about, get a printed version so that you can access information you need as you need it. 

Don't let behavior challenges hold you back – invest in our Educator Toolkit & Regulation Curriculum Bundle today and embark on a journey towards a harmonious and regulated learning environment.

What's Inside?

In the 130+ page Educator Toolkit and Regulation Curriculum Bundle you get:

  • Simplified Handouts: and reference information for ADHD Autism, Sensory Processing, Focus, Attention, Avoidance, Aggression, Biting, Fight or Flight response, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, Hyperactivity, Impulsivity, Checklists, Behavior Forms and more!

  • 🌟 Comprehensive Toolkit: Dive deep into topics such as What is Regulation, Understanding Dysregulation, and Identifying Behavior Challenges with our easy-to-follow guides and checklists.

  • 🧠 Brain Building Curriculum: Equip yourself with practical strategies to build stronger brains and improve regulation skills in children, with tailored movement routines, mindful minutes, and breathing breaks.

  • 🔍 In-depth Resources: From Sensory Processing Challenges to Visual and Auditory Processing, our bundle covers a wide range of topics, providing insights and classroom accommodation ideas for effective support.

  • 👩‍🏫 Practical Guidance: Learn how to initiate conversations about behavior with both parents and fellow educators, and gain valuable conference prep tools to facilitate productive discussions.

How can I access this guide?

Whether you're a seasoned educator, a dedicated teacher, a homeschooling parent, or a passionate advocate for children's well-being, our Educator Toolkit & Regulation Curriculum Bundle is tailored to meet your needs. If you find yourself grappling with behavior challenges in the classroom or struggling to support your child's regulation at home, this bundle is your ultimate guide to understanding and addressing these issues effectively.


With comprehensive resources, practical strategies, and easy-to-implement techniques, our toolkit empowers educators, parents, and caregivers to create a supportive learning environment where every child can thrive. Don't let behavior challenges hold you back – unlock the power of understanding regulation with our bundle today!

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