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Recess and Behavior Questions

I must ask WHY are we still taking away recess when we have countless studies that show how important it is? Why is it used as a punishment at all? Recess is not a privilege; it is the foundation of learning. Recess is not “free time” it is vital to the development of the brain and social skills.Aside from the brain and neurobiological benefits of movement and play, recess offers a time for collaboration, connection, problem solving, risk taking, negotiation, compromise, and many other social skills. It can be a vital time for students and educators to understand what helps them regulate. Which students are playing together, which ones seem to need some more space, who is constantly looking for the swings? All of this can be valuable information and can help to support regulation.Movement and play are especially important for students who struggle with sensory processing challenges, focus, attention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and emotion regulation. Recess can offer time for a child to move in the way their body needs as well as helps to manage energy and sensory processing.We have so many studies that have shown how recess is connected to increased academic scores, improved social skills, and improved self-regulation. Parents and educators everywhere understand how vital these three skills are for school success. So WHY are we still making this same mistake in classrooms across the country?Looking to learn more about movement and regulation? Comment MORE for a free training. #sensoryprocessingdisorder #sensoryprocessing #adhdparenting #adhdmom #meltdown #meltdowns #recess

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