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Stop Ignoring Behavior - especially when a child is having "bad" behavior.

Stop ignoring behavior….hmmm does that mean you should respond to every single thing-that sounds exhausting! Nope, instead you should take notice. Every single behavior doesn’t need to be addressed every single time, however, you do need to notice patterns and be aware of what behaviors are happening and when they are occurring. Behavior sends a message and looking at what happened before dysregulation can give you many clues as to what a child needs as support.

This information can expose patterns of dysregulation and can help you use your co-regulation strategies more efficiently. For example, if your child is having a daily meltdown after school, you can prepare in advance by having a snack, giving them a quiet and possibly darker space to transition from the school day to home. They may need a break from the overload of sensory input, they may need you to help them regulate.

The same goes for a child who struggles with a morning routine. Are they anxious? Are there ways in which we can add some activities to the morning, or take some away that may help improve regulation? Stepping back and looking for patterns in behavior can play a huge role in finding ways to improve regulation overall.

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