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Why all kids don't need to sit still to learn.

Regulation is the foundation of so many other things including sensory processing, emotion management, executive functioning and more!

The ability to regulate your body can be impacted by many different things. Trauma, nutrition, sleep, safety, and neurological processing are just some of the things that can impact the ability to regulate.

If a child is constantly moving, struggling to focus, or even having difficulty controlling their body-these are all signs that they could use support with regulation techniques. Often we may continue to tell these children to “sit still”. However, what they may need is actually an increase in movement. Movement can help them to regulate their body. We can offer a time for movement before a time to sit still, but also we let them gently rock back and forth if needed. This can help support their processing of information.

Regulation is a learned skill, and it develops differently in each individual. Not every child may be able to sit still and process the information at the same time. Consider this, if a child struggling with regulation is spending so much of their mental energy reminding their body to “stay still”, they may not hear or process the information that is shared with them. Working to build regulation skills will help them be able to do both at the same time.

Breath work, mindfulness, and movement are a great place to begin in order to build a foundation of regulation. There are many games and activities that can support the development of regulation as well. Don’t underestimate the power of connection in helping a child to regulate. #sensoryprocessingdisorder#adhdproblems#adhdparenting#emotionregulation#teacherproblems#hyperactive#sensoryintegration

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