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Why your child may struggle with focus

Yes, ADHD can contribute to focusing struggles, but there could be other issues behind those challenges as well (no this graphic doesn’t cover them all). Understanding and awareness of the multiple factors that can contribute to struggles with focus and attention is important in helping children (and adults) improve focus. Physical needs, psychological needs, sensory processing, and emotional issues can all contribute to struggles with focus. When we step back and take time to look at all of the potential contributors to focus challenges, we can better support children in improving focus.

I love to start by looking at the overall environment. Sometimes excessive noise, or even the buzzing of lights can contribute to focus issues. Sometimes it may be ADHD, but the actual focus struggle is feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin. By breaking tasks down into smaller parts that are easier to accomplish, focus can improve.

Mindfulness is a great way to build focus and attention because it forces your brain to spend time tuning out other stimuli and directing your attention to one thing. For a quick at home or classroom tip try using mindfulness techniques after a transition in the classroom or at home. This can help bring awareness to the brain and body and direct attention where it is needed. Using these techniques daily helps to build strong connections between the brain and the body.

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