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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Sensory Processing and Behavior Needs

Are you interested in purchasing gifts this year that are fun and also promote brain and body development? Look no further! We have put together the ultimate gift guide for all of your sensory processing and behavior needs. All images are linked, so download, click, and shop! 

Simply enter your email and we will send it your way immediately.  This is a 15-page pdf document with links provided to each and every resource! This means all you have to do is download, click, and shop!



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Kids That Hit and Why It Happens

You may have gotten the call from the school about your child hitting other students. Or, you may be embarrassed because your child seems more aggressive than others at play-dates. Let the mom-guilt go because there are biological reasons that your child could be hitting. Yep, there are reasons that do not include poor parenting skills! Let’s talk about those first, and then we can talk about how to fix aggression.

  1. Communication

Each child develops on a similar, but very personalized timeline.  When children do not have the words to communicate what they feel, often the result is a physical response in order to attempt to communicate. This means that they may push, pull, hit, pinch or grab in order to make their desires known.

  1. Emotion Control

Just as children develop on an individual communication timeline, they also develop emotional control skills individually as well. Some children have less of a “brake” on their brains, and this means that they may...

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Why Does My Child Hit and Push?


In this video, we talk about the reasons behind a child who may hit or push. We dive deeper into the brain to examine more possibilities outside of impulse control.

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