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Spectrum of Anxiety

Many people mistakenly think that anxiety is “you just get nervous”. Yes, that is one type of anxiety. Anxiety can be temporary or situational. ⁣

However, anxiety can also be chronic and very pervasive. This type of anxiety can lead to the body constantly scanning for danger, and reacting as if it is threatened. This type of anxiety can impact all areas of daily life, and it may not look like your “typical” anxiety. It can present as anger, difficulty in focus, struggles with motivation, and more. ⁣

Anxiety in the classroom and at home can look like difficulty with transitions, struggles falling asleep and staying asleep, picky eating, frequent urination, and more. ⁣

You do not have to wait for your child (or yourself) to get “bad enough” to treat. Learning coping skills for anxiety can be vital in development.

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